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Miha Colner


This blog is dedicated to my personal writings on art, photography, society, history and other topical phenomena of the now.


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Miha Colner (1978) is an art historian who works as a curator at GBJ – Božidar Jakac Art Museum, Kostanjevica na Krki, Slovenia. He is also active as a publicist, specialised in visual arts, namely photography, printmaking, artists’ moving image and various forms of (new) media art. In the period 2017-2020 he was a curator at MGLC – International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana; in the period 2006-2016 he was a curator at Photon – Centre for Contemporary Photography, Ljubljana. Since 2005 he has been a contributor of newspapers, magazines, specialist publications, and his personal blog, as well as part-time lecturer. He lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia.